Wynad Peppercorns from India

Small estate peppercorns with tiger like bite

The Wynad plateau in Kerala boasts proudly of producing the finest black pepper in all of India. The very moment you open the vacuum-sealed pouch inside this natural cotton bag, you’ll know exactly where all that confidence comes from. A punch of aroma hits your nose.

Rich, hot, fruity, sweet, and that’s just the first whiff. It might strike you to crack this pepper all over the house and use it like potpourri, it smells that good. Of course, they’re better employed on food, but with a pepper this large, dark, and delicious the possibilities are endless.

The dark, delicious peppercorns are fantastic anywhere you use standard pepper. Guaranteed to add a wild dash of flavor to whatever you're cooking.

Wynad Peppercorns from India

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