Chocolate Covered Toffee Macadamias

Chocolate Covered Toffee Macadamias

Daniel's favorite.

Daniel is a service star in our service center at Zingerman's Mail Order.

I have tried my fair share of caramelized and chocolate covered nut treats, and the Chocolate Covered Toffee Macadamias have become my favorite by a mile! I have to have them on hand all the time. 

Why do I love them so? It's like two treats in one. Typically, I am drawn to darker cocoa flavors. The cocoa powder coating serves that function. I pop one in my mouth for a few moments, and enjoy that dusty dark cocoa as it melds into the silky and melting chocolate coating. But before all the chocolate goes away, I bite down and crack through the layer of toffee into the deeply toasted macadamia nut at its core, and enjoy the contrast of textures.

The flavor lingers, and each piece is a satisfying treat on its own. Which isn't to say I won't sometime have two or three at a sitting. But I try to restrain myself to make the pleasure last.

Gluten Free

Chocolate Covered Toffee Macadamias

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