Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookies & Cookbook

Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookies & Cookbook

Zingerman's holiday cookies.

The pastry chefs at Zingerman's Bakehouse spent all summer testing cookie recipes to create the perfect collection for the holidays.

This gift box includes 18 Christmas cookies, six each of three different types. First up are Spice Cookies made with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a bit of black pepper. Second are the Pignoli Cookies are made with pine nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts (and no flour, making them gluten free). And last but far from least are soft, fudgy Chocolate Cookies. 

They're all baked at Zingerman's Bakehouse with all-natural ingredients like real butter and organic flour. They come packaged in a handsome box.

Want to make your own Zingerman’s holiday cookies at home? Get the recipes for 14 of our crowd-pleasing holiday cookies in our Fancy Schmancy Cookie Cookbook, shipped with or without a box of cookies for inspiration.

Fancy Schmancy Christmas Cookies Box

P-TIN 18 cookie gift box
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Returning October 2024

Fancy Schmancy Christmas Cookies with Cookie Cookbook

P-TIN-BK 18 cookie gift box, plus softcover cookbook
Current Price $40
Returning October 2024

Valentine's Day Fancy Schmancy Cookie Collection

P-TIN-VAL 28 cookies, gift boxed
Current Price $35
Ships for flat rate
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