Strawberry Black Pepper Jam

Ann Arbor's own jam.

Farrell Fruit is Ann Arbor's own jam and preserve maker. Led by Eric Farrell, who learned the craft from preserve makers in Northern France, they make a preserve that's softer, juicier and more luscious than almost any around.

The jam is made from hand-picked strawberries, cleaned one at a time in ultra-small batches—just ten pounds at a time. The berries are cooked for two and a half hours over very low heat. That keeps the fruit intact. Have a spoon and you can still feel the strawberries on your tongue, with their fuzzy, soft edges.

Toward the end of the cooking Tellicherry Black Peppercorns are added. The heat and spice balances perfectly with the sweetness of the berries, barely detectable in the beginning, growing in volume, gently lingering long after the last swallow.

Farrell Fruit jams are the house preserves at Zingerman’s Deli.

Strawberry Black Pepper Jam

P-SPJ 9 oz jar
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