Salt Packed Anchovies

Ancient catch.

These are special anchovies from Cetara on the Amalfi coast of Italy.

Caught by the ancient menaica method with little nets brought on fishing boats, the fish are cleaned immediately and cured in traditional barrels in sea salt. It's the most ancient method around for saving fish, and while few sea creatures still get this treatment, anchovies do because, cured, they taste so darn good.

Whether you buy anchovies in oil (which we carry here) or in salt, like these, they're always traditionally cured this way.

I prefer salt packed when I want something special. Rinsed well, they are less salty than oil packed. I can also add just the right amount of olive oil to dress them.

My favorite way to serve them is dressed with a little light oil, like Roi from the Riviera, a bit of shaved raw fennel, and maybe a couple flakes of Marash Pepper.

Serving Tips

  1. Remove the fillets you intend to use and store the remaining in the refrigerator.
  2. Lay them flat in a bowl and cover with milk.
  3. Leave the soaking anchovies in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Remove the fillets and rinse under a small stream of cool running water from the tap.
  5. Remove the bones as you rinse. (They fillets won't look pretty the first few times you try this but you'll get the hang of it eventually, I promise!)

Store anchovies in the refrigerator, unopened or opened. They will last longer.

Salt Packed Anchovies

P-SPA 420 g jar
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