Rangpur Lime Marmalade: Lukas's Favorite


Lukas Tasker is a supervisor in our Service Center at Zingerman's Mail Order.

During my first few weeks at Zingerman's Mail Order I was exposed to something totally different, my own gateway to great food! It felt like the first time I'd tasted something so full-flavored, deliciously complete.

This marmalade is tart sweetness in a jar, but also possesses pleasant smokiness that quickly fills your whole mouth. The tart is almost sharp enough to pucker, but morphs into a charming sweet and sour bitterness that lasts bite after bite. It wasn’t like anything else I’ve tasted then or since! Robert Lambert, the citrus genius who makes it, also makes a Rangpur lime syrup that adds a unique touch to many dishes, too. I like to enjoy this like other marmalades; over bread and bagels, on crackers, and with creamy cheeses.

Rangpur Lime Marmalade: Lukas's Favorite

P-RGM 8 oz jar
Returning on or before July 30
Ships for flat rate
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