Pickled Peaches

Life's a peach.

Pickles, those are sour, savory things you eat beside a sandwich, right? So is pickled fruit really a thing? And if so—why?

Amy Deaver and her team at Lemon Bird Preserves are out to show us the way. In addition to making all manner of sweet preserves and classic sour cucumber pickles, she's turned her preservation magic onto the ripest summer peaches, which she sources from a nearby California orchard. She cuts them in slices, then pickles them in a sweet and sour brine of sugar, a trio of vinegars, a bit of jalapeno, and a smidge of vanilla bean. The flavor starts off gently sweet before building to a punchy acidity and quite a kick of heat from that jalapeno. The result is not overly sweet, not overly sour, and just balanced with that firm bite of peach that will keep summer's sunshine going for months. 

Toss one in a cocktail for a sweet and spicy kick. Chop them up and serve over yogurt or ice cream. Use a few slices to top a creative summer salad with goat cheese and hazelnuts. Spice up breakfast with a bite of pickled peach on top of your bagel and schmear. Or just eat a slice or two on alone.

Pickled Peaches

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