Pungo Creek Mills Indian Cornmeal

Heirloom cornmeal from America's beginning.

If we were in Italy, we’d call it polenta. But this is America, so we call it cornmeal. Doesn’t make it any less delicious or easy to use.

It’s made from an heirloom breed of corn called ‘Bloody Butcher.’ It’s been grown at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains since 1840, though it was likely traded among Native Americans for centuries before anyone arrived from the New World. The kernels are deep purple and the ground meal is speckled with hints of red. It tastes like sweet, nutty corn—surprisingly as much like corn as fresh corn on the cob.

It's likewise as easy to cook. Simply mix a cup of cornmeal with four cups boiling water and stir for about twenty minutes. Enjoy in the morning like oatmeal or serve as a side dish with dinner. 

Pungo Creek Mills Indian Cornmeal

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