Bronte Pistachio Cream

A nut-lover’s sweet dream.

Bronte is a little town of 20,000 just west of Mt Etna in Sicily. It's got exactly one great claim to fame: pistachios. Purple-skinned, vibrantly green, full flavored pistachios. Almost any serious gelateria in Italy uses them – look for pistacci di Bronte – and they're a prized ingredient for torrone. This pistachio cream is decadently sweet, tasting simply of ground pistachios. The consistency is sultry smooth.

It's an enticing addition to Farm Bread toast, sauces, waffles, mixed into Irish oatmeal, or drizzled over fresh ricotta.

If you know someone that’s even remotely interested in pistachios, this will blow them out of the water.

Bronte Pistachio Cream

P-PCH 200g jar
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