Open sesame.

Halva (or halvah, depending on who you ask), the tahini based confection popular in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, is a staple of good Jewish delis. But most halva out there is mass produced and not very good. Enter Victoria Wallins. She spent three years researching, testing, and perfecting halva before launching her company, Halvah Heaven. She makes the best halva we’ve ever tasted with a texture that’s light yet solid and melts on the tongue with flavors direct and lingering.

We offer three flavors:

  • Maple is made with tahini and a healthy dose of Vermont maple syrup, giving it a dark, woody sort of sweetness.
  • Cardamom Orange tastes like a cup of chai tea, brightened with gentle caress of orange oil.
  • Vanilla Bean is a classic, rich and familiar with sweet vanilla.

Chop up the halva and mix it with yogurt or oatmeal, or eat it straight up. I recommend straight up.

Gluten Free

Maple Halva

P-MPH 4 oz

Cardamom Orange Halvah

P-CMH 4 oz

Vanilla Bean Halvah

P-VBH 4 oz
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