Cacao Honey Syrup

Miel de cacao from Ecuador

This isn’t chocolate, but rather a honey-like syrup created from the fruit that holds the seeds that make chocolate. Confused? I was too, the first time I saw miel de cacao. It’s not something I’d ever seen. But when you think about it, it makes sense. Cacao beans are really seeds inside a large fruit pod. Each cacao plant might produce three or four fruits pods. The pods are harvested, the beans removed and the fruit thrown away.

That’s how it usually happens. But to make miel de cacao you keep the fruit. Making miel de cacao is very simple and something that cacao growers have done for years. They remove the beans for chocolate making and put the fruit in glass jars to sit for a few days. A syrup (what they are calling miel which is Spanish for “honey”) drips to the bottom. That's it. What's collected is jarred for us. The nectar has rich citrus flavors, hints of mango, papaya and melon. It's flavors are bright and closer to balsamic vinegar than honey, so use it in your vinaigrettes, marinades, drizzled in yogurt, wherever your curiosity takes you.

"It may not be honey, but it's the best thing I have ever ever drizzled on ice cream (and it's real pretty too)!"
Sarah D., Walford, IA

Cacao Honey Syrup

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