Rangpur Lime Syrup

Rangpur Lime Syrup

Not-so-simple syrup. Turbo boost for cocktails and more.

This could be the Holy Grail of secret ingredients.

Rangpur limes look more like mandarins than the little green citrus fruit we know, but their flavor is like a smoky lime. This syrup pours easily—like honey—and doesn’t leave sugar crystals as it dissolves in iced or hot drinks, making it excellent for cocktails. It’s become a stealth ingredient in my mojitos and margaritas. A rangpur lime syrup gin and tonic, anyone?

Not into gin? Add it to yogurt. Drizzle over grilled fish. Drop a splash in a vinaigrette. I could keep going. This one is fun and easy.

From Robert Lambert, Santa Barbara’s resident citrus genius.

"The Rangpur lime syrup is transcendence, bottled and readily available."
Eli R., Burlingame, CA

Very limited supply.

Rangpur Lime Syrup

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