Robert Lambert’s White Rare Citrus Fruitcake

A cake of a different caliber.

Full disclosure: the price on this cake may cause sticker shock. Where most fruit cakes are cheap, somewhat industrial and terrible, this is another species altogether. It's by far the best of its kind I've ever tried.

This is Robert's classic cake. He explains, "The recipe is British, Victorian era. It's based on my grandmother Floria's cakes, but instead of the store-bought glaceed fruits she used, I make my own candied fruit." He chooses blood oranges, bergamots, Rangpur limes and more, many that he picks himself. Each cake is soaked in cognac and aged for a few months, then garnished with a slice of candied lemon and a bay leaf, all wrapped gently in cheese cloth. 

A slice cut thin while the cake is cool—he recommends serving it chilled—looks like a stained glass window and tastes fresh, clean and lively. Each cake is about six inches long, comes in a muslin bag with a drawstring, and serves 8 to 10.

"Extraordinary." "One of a kind."

Robert Lambert’s White Rare Citrus Fruitcake

P-KUY 1 lb fruitcake, 6 inches long, serves 8-10
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