Wild Icelandic Kelp

Wild Icelandic Kelp

Icy umami.

A few generations ago, people didn’t talk about eating “locally” or “seasonally”— they just called it eating. Back in days when peppercorns were literally worth their weight in gold, folks in remote corners of the world seasoned with the bounty available nearby.

That’s the history of this kelp. From the icy waters off of Iceland’s Westfjords, the top, tenderest tips of wild oarweed kelp are harvested, then brought back to shore to be rinsed, dried, and ground in a geothermally-powered facility.

The result is an umami powerhouse with a flavor like the sea. It tastes salty, but there's no salt added—just the dried, ground kelp, so it's suitable as a salt replacement. It's also just tastes darn good. Sprinkle it on fish or meat. Blend it into soups. Stirred it into butter for your bread, or take that butter and melt it to drizzle on of popcorn.

"I completely fell in love with it when I tasted it and it’s become a pantry item in our kitchen. We serve it with our bread course at Simon and the Whale on top of butter, it’s amazing. I take it home and I put it on popcorn it’s my go-to salt when I don’t need it to perform technically for me and I’m just looking for flavor."
Chef Zoe Kana

"These kelp flakes are salty, mineral-tinged, and savory in that intriguing but also can’t-stop-eating-it way. And they are outstanding on top of fresh vegetables—transforming them from glorified crunch vehicles for water to a salty, umami-enhanced snack."
Emily Johnson, Epicurious

Wild Icelandic Kelp

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