Dried Incan Golden Berries

Dried Incan Golden Berries

Bright, tart, slightly sweet dried fruits.

Move over raisins, dried cherries and dried cranberries. Incan golden berries are about to take over.

This light yellow/orange fruit—known variously as Cape Gooseberry, Goldenberry, Incan berry, and agauaymanto berry—is no fad. They're found in markets and backyards across South America from Venezuela to Chile, and grow in the tropics around the globe. They have an amazingly bright, tart flavor with a strong citrus type of flavor like lemon or lime and just a hint of sweetness that's accentuated by slow sun drying.

Compared to raisins, these dried berries are big. Piled on a cheeseboard, they get noticed. When folks take a bite, they’re blown away and always go back for more.

Take a handful with you on a hike or to the office. Awesome in salads and holiday stuffings. They’re a great (and healthy) pick me up when you need just a little something.

"The Dried Incan Golden Berries are fantastic.  I love having them with cheese or just grab a few for a quick snack."
Virginia, Madison, WI

Dried Incan Golden Berries

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