Christmas Pickle Ornament

A Christmas tradition for deli lovers.

For as long as I can remember I’ve known about the Christmas Pickle tradition. Parents hide a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning all the kids search the tree for it. (It’s green, so it blends in.) The first one to find it gets to open their gifts first.

When we set out to create our own Christmas pickle ornament I delved into the history behind the tradition. The origins are rather nebulous, but the stories are fun. My favorite is that of two boarding school students—Spanish, for a reason I don't understand—who get trapped in a pickle barrel by an evil innkeeper. They're freed by St. Nicholas, who, I assume, must have been disappointed in the barrel's lack of pickles.

Since Zingerman’s was born from a delicatessen, it feels natural to offer a Christmas Pickle ornament. We designed this from scratch. It's blown glass, crafted by hand exclusively for us by our friends at Furnace Design Studios in Dearborn, Michigan.

Limited supplies.

Christmas Pickle Ornament

P-GPO 4 inch x 1 inch pickle ornament
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