Éclat Chocolate Mondiants

Éclat Chocolate Mondiants

Silky & snappy.

A mendiant is a confection the French made to celebrate the four monastic orders, the names of which I’ll leave you to Google and quiz your friends about. It’s a thin chocolate circle, creatively topped with fruits, nuts, or seeds.

Chocolate maker Chris Curtin, making his version in at Éclat Chocolate in eastern Pennsylvania, has removed the religious overtones and stuffed the flavorings inside the chocolate discs. He dubbed his creation “mondiants.” They’re thin, crisp, just over a couple inches across and a knife’s blade thick.

He’s packed an assortment for us: milk chocolate with peanut butter, dark chocolate with cacao nibs, milk chocolate with hazelnut, and dark chocolate with caramel. Sixteen total discs come packed in a sleek black box.

Gluten Free

“In my opinion, this is the best chocolate you can find in the world.”
Chef Eric Ripert

Éclat Chocolate Mondiants

P-ECL Box of 16 mondiants
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