Chi-racha Hot Sauce

Chi-town's top hot sauce.

Mike Bancroft started making hot sauce in Chicago to raise money for the art classes he taught at a small community center. Today you can find his sauces all over Chicago and beyond and some of those art students are now full-time employees.

Mike sources all his produce from farmers surrounding the city who sell their wares at weekend markets. Because he doesn’t have a ton of storage to keep the chiles and vegetables frozen, he lets them naturally ferment (an ancient method of preserving food) to create the mash for the sauces. Using one industrial sized blender, he mixes all the ingredients in small batches and fills every bottle by hand.

The sauce starts sweet, then the heat rises with a flavorful--but not overwhelming--burn. Goes great with fried rice, pizza and cornmeal.

Chi-racha Hot Sauce

P-CTC 5 oz bottle
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