Corbezzolo Honey

One peculiar honey.

Finding a good bottle of this honey took us years. It was like looking for a needle in the honey haystack; even in Italy hardly anyone knew about it.

Corbezzolo is the honey made when bees are buzzing around the blossoms of the arbutus, or tree strawberry, a rare plant that grows on Sardinia (where this is from), some places in Ireland and on the Italian Riviera. If I've got your interest piqued, I feel like I should offer a disclaimer: I've never had another honey quite like this. Corbezzolo honey has only the slightest bit of sweetness. Instead it has a beautifully bitter, sparklingly spicy flavor. The aftertaste is almost mentholated. It sounds odd, but it's really very good.

Warning: Not a honey to send to your grandmother, unless she's Sardinian.

Corbezzolo Honey

P-COR 500 g jar
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