Malawi Chakaka Coffee

A zesty brew from Africa.

Steve Mangigian and the crew at Zingerman's Coffee Company taste all sorts of beans from all over the world. One of their driving passions is bringing little known productions from small farmers back to coffee lovers here in the states. This month they're presenting this one sourced from Malawi, the small, landlocked nation in southeastern Africa. Specifically, it's from Chakaka, located on the foot of Nyika National Park overseeing Lake Malawi. It's a remote area, and roads frequently get washed out during the rainy season. 

The coffee has a rich, creamy texture and a bright, floral flavor. When brewed with a regular filtered coffee pot, it has a orange-y brightness and a more delicate body. Making it in a press pot brings out a richer texture and a juiciness. 

Roast: medium
Body: smooth, creamy
Tasting Notes: bright and floral with a creamy body
Facts: Roasted fresh by Zingerman's Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean.

Malawi Chakaka Coffee

P-COF-MAL 12 oz bag
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