Hanukkah Edible Box of Chocolates

Hanukkah Edible Box of Chocolates

Totally eat-able.

Special for Hanukkah. Chuck Siegel and his team at Charles Chocolates in San Francisco have created a box of chocolates so delicious, even the box is a treat.

Inside are eighteen assorted hand-made confections: a mix of fleur de sel caramels, milk chocolate peanut butterflies, caramelized almond clusters, milk chocolate caramels, espresso caramels, poire William caramels, bittersweet chocolate peanut butterflies, and bittersweet fleur de sel caramels. They're delectable all by themselves. 

But the striking box holding the truffles is made of solid chocolate that’s just as tasty. The lid is made of dark chocolate and decorated with an elegant menorah.

A stunning gift for any sweets lover. Awesome for kids and adults alike.

Gluten Free

Hanukkah Edible Box of Chocolates

P-CHH 18 truffles in an edible box, 17 oz total
Current Price $130
Returning November 2024
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