Crunchy Capers

Vegetarian bacon bits.

On the Italian island of Pantelleria, capers are eaten in just about every dish. They get mixed into pestos and served over pasta; they get tossed into salads of cooked potato and fresh onion and tomato; they're served over swordfish steaks. But even with so many uses for capers, they're still looking for more things to do with them. Enter crunchy capers.

To make a crunchy caper, you start with a fresh caper—that is, the unopened flower bud of the caper plant. You pick the caper, preserve it in salt for about three weeks, then remove the salt and dehydrate it. The result is a crispy snack that's a little bit savory, a little bit toasty, and even a little bit floral. They remind me of vegetarian bacon bits—they add that same savory bit of crunch to salads, over potatoes, even in popcorn. Or you could eat them like I do, as a snack all on their own.

"Exceptional floral flavor and big crunch; the best thing you could ever put over deviled eggs."
Julia Della Croce, Zester Daily

Crunchy Capers

P-CHC 30 g jar
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