Bonajuto 90% Dark Chocolate Bar

Bonajuto 90% Dark Chocolate Bar

The most eat-able 90% chocolate bar I've ever tasted.

Bonajuto has been making chocolate in the baroque Sicilian town of Modica since 1880. By that time Gustav Lindt had perfected conching, the process that makes chocolate smooth. Nearly every European chocolate maker adopted it. Bonajuto didn’t. They continued to make unconched chocolate, the texture granular and crunchy in comparison.

Nowadays that texture has come somewhat back in fashion. A number of modern American chocolatiers, make chocolate in this style, but none of them have 130 years of practice like Bonajuto.

For this bar, they only use two ingredients: cocoa and sugar. The mixture never gets hot enough to melt the sugar crystals, which gives the chocolate its signature texture. 

This is very dark, dark chocolate. 90% of the bar is pure cacao, the rest is sugar. I know the high percentage will put some folks off, but that's really too bad. It's one of the most eat-able 90% chocolates I've ever tasted. It's very bright, almost citrusy, and flavors of tart berries linger for a very long time on the tongue. It's not for everyone, but those that appreciate the pure flavor of cacao won't be disappointed with this bar.

Gluten Free

Bonajuto 90% Dark Chocolate Bar

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