Vosges Chocolate Easter Bunny

Little rabbits for a short time.

As cute as can be. As tasty as you can imagine. 

These bunnies are made by Vosges with solid milk chocolate, hickory smoked almonds and fleur de sel sea salt, which no less than a dozen people have described to me as their favorite chocolate combination ever. I know those of you who excel at statistics will call my sample size (n) far too small for to make any broad judgments. I agree—in principle. But if you factor in the passion these people show, then you might just say it's one of the best chocolates made in America. 

Don’t miss the bunnies. They’ll be gone after Easter. 

This stylish rabbit stands about three inches tall, ear to paw. Each is packaged in its own purple box.

Vosges Chocolate Easter Bunny

P-BNY 2.5 oz
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