San Giuliano Sicilian Citrus Marmalades

Orange and clementine marmalades from Sicily.

I first tried these marmalades at the Slow Food conference in Turin years ago and they've never left my mind since.

Open a jar, stir the marmalade a bit and when you catch the aroma you'll know why. It smells like a sweet citrus grove, unforgettable. Then take a taste. To me, their flavor strikes an excellent balance between sweet and sour. Not too much sugar, not too tart, as good a marmalade as I've ever had.

How should you use 'em? Besides topping buttered toast, they're great on ice cream. I've also had the marmalade served on ricotta cheesecake at what might be Florence's best restaurant, Cibreo. However you serve it, the flavor will astound you.

Sicilian Bitter Orange Marmalade

P-BIT 460 g
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