Mo's Bacon Chocolate Bar

Everything’s better with bacon, including chocolate.

Bacon and chocolate, united at last.

Before you laugh, take a bite. What seems odd in theory tastes delicious in practice. In fact, it feels so natural you’ll wonder why no one made it before. (And you’ll understand why there’ll probably be lots of copycats soon.)

Vosges excellent milk chocolate is studded with crispy pieces of hickory smoked bacon then spiked with a bit of smoked sea salt. It’s sweet, smoky, salty, crispy and velvety rich, all at once.

This bar has been a bit of a phenomenon. It sells out like crazy, and even though Katrina at Vosges just “invented” it, there are already legions of passionate fans. You probably know a few prospective devotees yourself—this might make a good gift for ‘em.

(And in case you’re curious, it’s named for our very own Mo.)

Mo's Bacon Chocolate Bar

P-BCR 85 g
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Mo's Bacon Dark Chocolate Bar

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