American Spoon Black & Blueberry Spoonfruit

Sugar-free preserves from Petoskey, Michigan.

Black & Blueberry Spoonfruit—like its sister jam, Cherry Berry Spoonfruit — is made by Justin Rashid's great company, American Spoon in northern Michigan.

Great all-Michigan fruit, cooked when it's ripe in late summer, sweetened with fruit juice rather than refined sugar. That difference makes them a little tarter than normal preserves. Good news for folks who like things a little less sweet.

And calorie counters—only seven per teaspoon! We've been selling loads of Black & Blueberry Spoonfruit for what seems like forever (or over twenty years). It has a large, loyal following. Feel free to join it.

American Spoon Black & Blueberry Spoonfruit

P-BBB 9 oz jar
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