Banyuls Mustard

A great vinegar adds a dose of flavor to this mustard.

Banyuls vinegar, a flavorful elxir made from the natural conversion of the classic dessert wine of the same name, is traditional in southern France. Vinegar is a critical part of mustard, but there is no history of making mustard with Banyuls since it's made in such small quantities and is rather expensive.

Enter French importer and longtime Zingerman's friend Kitty Keller. She figured that better vinegar would make a better mustard so she went to work. Twelve years later we have the result.

The ingredients are vinegar of Banyuls, a touch of water, mustard seeds, sea salt and a dash of turmeric (for the yellow color). The flavor is similarly straightforward—bright, clean, fresh. The heat is balanced. It's great with grilled pork. Try it on a ham sandwich with a wedge of Comté cheese. Excellent stuff, limited supply.

Banyuls Mustard

P-BAN 6 oz jar
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