Advent Calendar

Limited edition! Chocolate Christmas countdown.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the countdown to Christmas Eve. In my family, we have a wall hanging with little felt ornaments that hang on a flat, felt tree. Each morning the kids pick which ornament to hang and when there's no more ornaments to hang, it's time to get really excited.

This limited edition advent calendar from Vosges Haut-Chocolat in Chicago is just as much fun, more elegant, and way more delicious than your run of the mill Christmas countdown tradition. Vosges is wildly celebrated for their sometimes exotic, always delicious flavors of chocolate bars, caramels, truffles, and confections. For twenty-four days, you or some very lucky friend of yours will enjoy a different confection nestled in the drawers of this posh cabinet. Flavors like Cardamom & Rose Caramels, Bacon Caramel Toffee and Super Dark Coconut Ash & Banana Chocolate Bar will give the recipient something to look forward to from December first right up to Christmas Eve. 

Each day, you'll pull out a drawer, enjoy the treat inside, then turn the drawer around and place it back in the cabinet. As the days pass, the empty drawers reveal a large design holding the complete production of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Even after the confections are gone, you'll want to keep this decorative box on full display, it's that pretty. 

Start your own tradition and order before December begins for full enjoyment. Supplies are extremely limited. 

"My mom called after receiving the Advent Box and almost cried.  She said, 'I’ve never used an Advent Calendar this beautiful in my life.'"
Jenee, Austin, TX

Advent Calendar

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