Rossano Licorice from Calabria: Harlowe's Favorite

Ancient Italian licorice.

Harlowe Shannon is a service star in our Service Center here at Zingerman's Mail Order.

Unlike my friends, I never dreamed of growing up to be a sports star; no, my dreams were more Wonka than Jordan. During the candy-laden holidays of my youth, I noticed no one liked black jellybeans like I did. I’d trade away my peanut butter cups or chocolates for them, and never look back. I thought I was alone in my love, until I found these black beauties.

These are unparalleled in the world of licorice. Delicately sweet and lusciously bitter, brightly intense yet subtly complex, with a hardy lingering smokiness that just gives and gives. Pop one (or two, for the brave of soul) onto your tongue and let it slowly dissolve while the flavor rollercoaster begins. You’ll thank me later. And if not, hey, that’s ok—I’ll trade you my peanut butter cups for them!

Rossano Licorice from Calabria: Harlowe's Favorite

P-AMR 40 g tin
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