Acid Trip

The vinegar book of the year.

“As the title implies, Acid Trip is guaranteed to blow your mind. A kaleidoscopic guide to the world's finest ‘sour wines,’ the book brings us profiles of vinegar makers from Kyoto to California that read like fine fiction, and a treasure trove of recipes that look—and taste—totally terrific!”
- Ari Weinzweig, co-owner and founding partner of Zingerman's
Pretty high praise from a pretty experienced guy! Michael Harlan Turkell's book on one of the food world's most important ingredients is a must read for any fan of vinegar, foodie or home cook. Michael took his love for vinegar (he likes making it at home) across the globe, researching different methods of vinegar making in places like Italy, France, Japan, and North America. In his book he shares those secrets, highlights special vinegars like balsamic, and explains the world's passion for wine gone bad.
Featuring recipes from famed chefs like Daniel Boulud, Sean Brock, Michael Anthony and more, this book is the perfect gift for lovers of all types of food, and especially vinegar.
Wanna kick it up a notch?
Send someone special the book and a bottle of 10 Year Balsamic vinegar from La Vecchia Dispensa, also featured in the book. 

Acid Trip

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Acid Trip Book + 10 Year Aged Balsamic

P-ACT-V Hardcover, 320 pages, plus 250 ml bottle of vinegar
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