Siurana Olive Oil

Olive oil with a sense of humor.

A lovely, sweet extra virgin olive oil from the province of Tarragona, along the southern coast of Catalonia. It had me singing as I sipped its first drops. Maybe that's why Anne Dolamore declared in A Buyer's Guide to Olive Oil, "I'm very taken with this style of oil from Catalonia and I'd describe it as fun and jolly and I'd use this often."

Fun and jolly. I don't think we have enough of those qualities in our food. That's reason enough to pick up a bottle.

The other reason is flavor. The latest harvest of Siurana is smooth and olivey, the body is light and there is a fine, refreshing note of citrus peel. There's none of the spicy peppery bite you can find in other oils. Made according to the rules of it's D.O.P., it's pressed exclusively from tiny, brown arbequina olives.

Overall, it's an excellent value. I recommend it wherever you're looking for a soft, sweet oil and, with its citrus note, it'll go especially well with fish.


Siurana Olive Oil

O-SIU 500 ml
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