Zingerman's Frantoio Olive Oil

Our private label oil from Chile.

I first tasted this extra virgin olive oil at the olive groves in Chile. It was great in that exotic locale, but I always wait until I come home for the real taste test—the sobering grey of Ann Arbor adds a dose of reality to any rosy memory. Thankfully, tasting it at home was every bit as enjoyable, so good we have decided to have a special blend bottled under our label.

The latest bottling, from the summer 2013 harvest (because Chile's in the southern hemisphere, they pick in summer, not fall) is a great oil. It has a wonderful grassy aroma that reminds me of artichokes.  The flavor is grassy, nutty, with a bit of bitterness and a big peppery kick on the finish. It's lively, engaging, intriguing. My mouth tingles long after I’ve finished eating it.


Our Peranzana Olive Oil from Italy is also bottled under a Zingerman's label.

Zingerman's Frantoio Olive Oil

O-OZB 500 ml
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