Casados Olive Oil

Extremely limited one-time-only blend.

Working with master olive oil blender Elvio Olave, we got a little creative and came away with this unlikely marriage of flavors from opposite ends of the spectrum. Only a small amount of this organic oil was produced and we bought all of it. Grab yours while you can.

Oil from the Arbequina olive is usually soft and smooth with hints of green apple. Coratina olives produce huge flavors, big, brazen and very peppery. Turns out together, in the bottle, they get along just fine. The pricklier flavors of the Coratina are dampened by the soothing smoothness of the Arbequiña. Left unfiltered, the oil is bold but balanced and is the rare specimen that can stand up to big flavors like pork, beef and roasted vegetables. It’s a great time for all those things now, so dig in.


Casados Olive Oil

O-OCO 250 ml
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