Laur Gran Mendoza Olive Oil

Laur Gran Mendoza Olive Oil

Argentina's terroir.

One of the amazing things about olive oil is that tastes like where it’s from. The French word for this is terroir and it’s the unique flavor that the soil, climate, and environment impart to food.


The specific terroir for this extra virgin olive oil is the Mendoza province of Argentina. The Laur estate was one of the first to cultivate olives in the region, beginning in the early 1900s. They planted the Arauco olive which they brought over from Spain and that’s the only olive used in this oil. It’s big, bold, spicy, luscious with a very smooth mouthfeel to accompany a kick of pepper in the finish. You won’t find an oil exactly like it anywhere else in the world.


Drizzle it over steaks, use it for peppery arugula salads, or use it as a punchy dipping sauce for bread.


Extra virgin olive oil
Arauco olives
Rustic and fruity flavors

The most recent harvest from spring 2020 is strikingly unique. It is clean and smooth, with an immediate spicy prickle that covers the entire mouth accompanied by dried hay, vegetal bitterness, and a slight undertone of fruitiness.

Laur Gran Mendoza Olive Oil

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