Molino Olive Oil

Molino Olive Oil

Versatility, thy name is Molino olive oil.

When I first started selling olive oil over two decades ago, there was a dearth of quality oils to choose from. The idea of an "estate" oil, where all the work from growing the olives to pressing and bottling the oil on the same property by one family, was a rarity. I'd have to cajole folks into tasting olive oil to show it was worth their time, and the oils I'd be selling had very broad appeal. 

Nowadays, it's common for many of us to have multiple oils in our cupboards and counter tops. And in an odd but wonderful way the pendulum has swung away from a 'broad audience' to small, niche producers and oils that only a handful of true olive oil fans will enjoy. 

Personally, I still like the oils that please all of us and I think they still deserve the spotlight. That's what we have here: a perfectly pleasant mono-varietal extra virgin olive oil from the world's biggest olive oil producing country, Spain. This oil is 100% arbequina olive. It's a small but stubborn little fruit that grows all throughout Spain. The olives used for this oil come from a single estate in Andalucia. 

It's grassy, a little peppery, but quick with its punch of pepper so that fades. You can use it for all your cooking and flavoring needs this season. You can cook in it (if you're in a pinch) but I recommend using it more for finishing salads or grilled meats or fish. You can even put it out for dipping with some good bread, alongside some apples and a glass of wine.

Extra virgin olive oil
Arbequina olives
Buttery and silky flavors 

The 2021 harvest is a fantastic all-purpose oil. It starts buttery with green banana notes which then grows to a light peppery bite.

Molino Olive Oil

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