Aulente Olive Oil

A banker’s bet.

As a child, Nunzio Bastone tended to his family’s olive trees with his grandfather. Eventually life took him away from the land, and he became a banker. Ten years ago he decided to resurrect olive oil production on his family’s land. We were the first to bring his extra virgin olive oil to America.

Nunzio blends three different olive varietals to create Aulente: 20 percent nocellara for aroma, 20 percent nocilla for balance and 60 percent cerasuola for body. Each varietal is pressed on its own, and all three are blended at bottling. This takes more work, but to Nunzio's mind, it doesn’t taste as good if they're all mixed together in large vats ahead of time. (Some of our other meticulous oil makers, including Marina Colonna, follow the same process as Nunzio).

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The latest harvest from fall 2017 has an incredibly fresh aroma, like fresh artichoke and just-cut grass. The color green was a flavor, it would taste like this oil: fresh, a little bitter, like bitter almond. There's just a little tickle of pepper in the finish.

Aulente Olive Oil

O-AOO 500 ml
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