Tamworth Acorn Edition Prosciutto from La Quercia

Tamworth Acorn Edition Prosciutto from La Quercia

The pinnacle of American pork.

La Quercia’s Acorn Edition Tamworth hams are made to the highest standards for any ham I've ever had.

These unsmoked hams, aged for an exceptional two years, are from red-haired Tamworth hogs who lived the last four months of their lives feasting on nuts, just as the famed Ibérico hogs do in Spain. While Ibérico hogs eat acorns in the Dehesa of central and southern Spain, these Tamworths eat acorns and hickory nuts in Missouri. Famed hog farmer Russ Kremer's 120-acre oak and hickory hillside in the Ozarks hosts a herd of the hogs. When the nuts start falling in August, Russ moves the heritage breed beauties into the woods for four months of happy feasting. Up to 75% of their diet during that time consisted of acorns and hickory nuts. 

The effect of a nut-heavy diet on ham’s fat is magical. It softens it, lowering its melting point to near body temperature so that when you bite into a piece it practically melts on your tongue. This is an exceptional eating experience.

If you’re looking for something special, there isn’t anything quite like it. Only a handful of these hams are available in the country each year.

Like with all La Quercia cured meats, the pigs receive no hormones and no sub-therapeutic antibiotics. The pigs are far from being confined; they have access to the out-of-doors and room to root and roam.

Tamworth Acorn Edition Sliced Prosciutto from La Quercia

M-THL-S 2 oz, sliced
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