Red Wattle Pork Osso Buco

Porko buco.

Osso Buco is a nineteenth century Milanese dish that, luckily, has never gone out of style. It's a cut of shank, cooked for hours in a slow braise of wine, tomato, carrots, celery, and onions. Traditionally it's made with veal but it's also delicious with pork—especially when the pork is from heritage-breed hogs, whose fat turns meltingly tender.

We'll send a group of 8 oz pieces of raw shank, cut to size to cook up your own hearty osso buco. They come from heritage breed Red Wattle pigs raised humanely, with acess to the outdoors, given natural feed with no hormones nor antibiotics. Red Wattle pork is remarkably sweet, with a thin ring of fat that melts in your mouth.  

Ships frozen. They may thaw and be cold, not hard, when they arrive.

Red Wattle Pork Osso Buco - Four Pieces

M-OSS-4 Four 8 oz pieces in one 2-lb package

Red Wattle Pork Osso Buco - Eight Pieces

M-OSS-8 eight 8 oz pieces in two 2-lb packages
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