Nodine's Juniper Smoked Bacon

On the lighter side of the bacon spectrum.

One of the premier bacon makers on the East Coast, Nodine’s has been curing in Goshen, Connecticut, since 1969. They do a whole array of smoked meats, including a range of different bacons, all of which start with a wet brine cure of water, salt, sugar and nitrite.

Where other bacon makers, like Allan Benton, go for power and strength, Nodines seeks a lighter touch. “We only smoke the pork about 12 hours. We don’t want a real heavy smoke on it," says Ron Nodine, who founded the smokehouse 40 years ago.

For their prized juniper bacon, they smoke the slabs over hardwood sawdust liberally spiced with dried juniper berries. It’s an old English technique mentioned in Maynard Davies’ book Adventures of a Bacon Curer.

The flavor is sort of sweet, lightly smoky with some juniper pine hints. It's ideal for those who like their bacon on the lighter end of the spectrum—but still complex and interesting. It’s particularly nice with seafood and dishes with more subtle flavors. 

Ships frozen.

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Nodine's Juniper Smoked Bacon

M-JUN 1 lb sliced
ships 2 business days warm weather care
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