Smoking Goose Applewood Smoked Jowl Bacon

Smoking Goose Applewood Smoked Jowl Bacon

Pig cheek bacon from Indiana.

Most bacon is made from the belly of the pig. This one is a little different, made from the jowl, or cheek. Its texture is delicate, its aroma almost floral. The jowl is pretty fatty, and it tastes a little richer than regular bacon. 

Our jowl bacon comes from Smoking Goose in Indianapolis, Indiana. They source their pork from nearby small, family owned farms. The pigs are humanely raised, and they're never given any antibiotics or growth promotants. They season the jowls with a bit of ground coriander and black pepper for just a hint of spice, then smoke them over applewood for a sweet smokiness.

Jowl bacon might not be for everybody.  I'm not sure if my in-laws are ready for it, but my bacon loving friends sure are. And if you're up for a hard to find but delicious new way to eat bacon, you're in luck. It's a killer addition to a Sunday brunch spread. It makes for a top-shelf BLT. Chop it into bits and fry it up as a basis for grits and shrimp. Have fun with it!

Jowl bacon slices come a bit smaller than belly bacon, and the fat is creamier, more delicate. It fries up more quickly, so make sure to watch it the first time you cook it.

Ships frozen.

"The jowl bacon is just the best. I am dedicated to it. I have a little bit every morning and I am just hooked. Since I tried this jowl bacon, no other bacon will do. It doesn't compare to the delicious taste of this product (and I’ve tried a variety of humanely raised bacon)."
Linda, Boulder, CO

"I love bacon, and I like to sample it whenever and wherever it’s available.  I’ve eaten a lot of bacon! The jowl bacon from Smoking Goose is THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD! It is perfect in size, taste, fat content, and versatility.  It is simply outstanding."
Keith, Scottsdale, AZ

Smoking Goose Applewood Smoked Jowl Bacon

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