Ibérico de Bellota Fresh Boneless Pork Shoulder

Superior shoulders.

Spain’s Ibérico hogs are the heirloom of heirloom hogs, the standard against which all great pork is measured. They are the black footed pigs of Southern Spain, the ones who roam wide in the Dehesa, foraging, rooting, and turning their loins and hams into the most prized cured meats in the world. In fact 99% of the time you find their pork cured, not fresh ready to roast or grill. So lucky us.

We've got a limited supply of fresh shoulders—a cut called presa in Spain—that, when roasted to medium rare, will make you swear you’re eating some crazy cross between a cow and a pig. It’s not. It’s all pig. And you’re in heaven.

Ships frozen. May thaw and be cold, not hard, when they arrive. 

"When I ate the pork, I felt like I had been visited by the Christmas Pork(er) of the Past. There wasn’t anything really boarish about the taste, just the haunting feeling that once upon a time, this rich, deep flavor was what any attentive farmer produced."
John Thorne, author of Simple Cooking

Ibérico de Bellota Fresh Boneless Pork Shoulder

M-ISH About 1.25 lbs, boneless
ships 2 business days warm weather care
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