Borsellino Salamis

Dry cured pork salami.

La Quercia's borsellino salami is soft, sweet, porky and even a little earthy. It's dry cured salami. It needs no cooking. Just slice and snack.

Somewhere between a quarter and a half-dollar in diameter, its natural casing is stuffed with pork that's coarsely ground, liberally littered with morsels of fat. Slice and serve on a cheese plate or toss chunks into pasta or salads. Throw one into your backpack the next time you head out for a hike. It can go for hours—or days—without refrigeration.

The piccante salami reminds me a bit of Spanish chorizo—smoky and slightly spicy, but not at all hot.

La Quercia has made a limited run of an Acorn Edition salami, made with pork from pigs that finished their lives chowing down on acorns.

Like all their meats, La Quercia's salami are made from hogs raised naturally, without hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. They're cured and will last weeks in your refrigerator.

Borsellino Salami

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Borsellino Piccante Salami

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Acorn Edition Borsellino Salami

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