Broadbent's Whole Cured Ham from Kentucky

Broadbent's Whole Cured Ham from Kentucky

Whole smoked and cured American country ham.

This whole, bone-in ham is smoked and cured by Ronny and Beth Drennan in the town of Cadiz (pronounced “Katy's”), down in the southwestern corner of the Bluegrass state. The ham is rubbed with salt and a little secret spice, then hung to cure at a steady temperature for about nine months. It's not quick cured at higher temperatures nor relegated to a cool room to keep its weight, two typical cost saving measures. The resulting ham is sweet and tender with an honest pork flavor.

You can take this ham home, boil it and serve it cooked like many do in the South. But I recommend eating it as is, sliced thinly like you would for Italian prosciutto or Spanish cured Jamón. After all, it’s cured essentially the same way. Folks in Kentucky have always snacked on uncooked cured ham. Beth told me, “When I was a child, my dad would keep it hanging in our garage. He would cut a few slices and put it back in the cloth and paper bag and hang it back in the garage until he was ready to slice off more.”

It’s served that way at David Chang’s Momofuku Ssam Bar in New York. You can do the same at home. It makes a spectacular centerpiece for a party buffet table.

To slice, use a sharp knife and work the ham lengthwise. Don’t worry about getting big slices—focus on keeping the pieces thin, and make sure your bite has a little bit of meat and fat.

Shipped without ice. It's been cured at ambient temperatures through Kentucky summers, so it's built to last. Lasts for months when stored in a cool spot. Storage instructions included.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Ronny and Beth make amazing sausage.

Download our Ham Storage & Slicing instructions.

Broadbent's Whole Cured Ham from Kentucky

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