Tale of Two Oils Gift Box

Provence and Tuscany: an exploration of Europe's most storied olive oil regions.

This has long been one of our best-selling oil gift boxes because it shows with crystal clarity, even to a beginner, how flavors change in olive oils from different regions.

First there's Tuscany: verdant rolling hills capped with crumbling stone castles, enormous T-bone steaks, and bold, grassy, peppery olive oils, like the one we've included from Poggio Lamentano. Then there's Provence: sun-drenched fields of lavender and sunflowers, ratatouille, and soft, buttery, rich olive oils, like the classic Maussane. Although they're only a few hundred miles apart, the olive oil they produce is at opposite ends of the flavor spectrum. 

By tasting and using them side-by-side in your kitchen, you'll experience the amazing impact region and geography have on fine olive oil. An intriguing oil exploration, a great gift idea for the traveler you know, or the cook who loves tradtiiona French or Italian food .

The two 500 ml bottles of extra virgin olive oil are neatly packed in a gift box with our own Paesano Bread.

Tale of Two Oils Gift Box

G-TWO Two oils plus bread, gift boxed
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