Zingerman's Stollen

Zingerman's Stollen

Germany's tradition, made in Ann Arbor.

Our delicious German-style stollen is a long-standing Zingerman's tradition for folks looking for unique dessert ideas, great gifts and fine food for weekend brunch.

Stollen has been made in Naumberg, Germany at Christmastime since the 1300s. It features the sort of rare, pricey ingredients that for most of its history most folks could only afford for the holidays: plenty of butter, candied fruits, and spices.

At Zingerman's Bakehouse, we keep to that tradition. We load our stollen with tons of candied and dried fruit: glacéed lemons, oranges, Michigan cherries, fresh lemon and orange zest, fresh lemon juice, currants, golden raisins, and Red Flame raisins. All that fruit soaks in Bacardi® white rum for at least 24 hours before being mixed into the dough. In addition to the fruit, we get an extra aromatic boost from the inclusion of almonds, Mexican vanilla, and Indonesian cinnamon.

With a texture akin to a rich, toothsome bread, it makes exceptional toast. When spread with a little sweet butter, it’s delicious and is perhaps rivaled only by our own coffee cake as a great afternoon snack. 

Each Stollen comes wrapped in a muslin bag. It serves 6-8, and, barring extensive snacking, lasts for weeks.

This handmade stollen's ingredients are organic wheat flour (organic wheat, malted barley), butter, sugar, powdered sugar, milk, currants, golden raisins, dried cherries, raisins, rum, almonds, candied citron, candied lemon, candied orange, yeast, orange zest and juice, lemon zest and juice, fresh eggs, Indonesian cinnamon, vanilla extract, and sea salt.

Zingerman's Stollen

G-STO 18 oz loaf, gift bagged, serves 6-8
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