Special Bakes of the Month Club

Holiday-only bread club.

Once-a-year special bakes from Zingerman's Bakehouse. We'll include holiday favorites, like Stollen, our German-style Christmas bread. There are also Zingerman's classics, like the cult-hit Pumpernickel Raisin made with giant Red Flame Raisins, as well as newer creations like Loomis Bread, made with Great Lakes Cheshire Cheese from our Creamery and roasted red peppers from Zingerman's Cornman Farms. The final month features two breads that eat like a meal: Scallion Walnut and Potato Dill. 

Six special bakes in all, sent two per month for December, January, and February.

$10 extra per installment for shipments to Alaska or Hawaii.

Special Bakes of the Month Club

  • Month 1:
    Cranberry Pecan Bread, Stollen
  • Month 2:
    Loomis Bread, Pumpernickel Raisin
  • Month 3:
    Potato Dill Bread, Scallion Walnut Farm Bread
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