The Purple Russian Cheese Pairing Gift Box

Violet cheese love.

French violet mustard is the most romantic mustard ever made. I know what that sounds like. It's kind of like saying football is the most romantic sport ever played. But you've got to try this to understand.

Violet mustard is barely spicy, muted with a dose of grape must left from the fall harvest, which leaves it a little fruity and deep purple. The mustard isn't ground, the seeds are left whole, so they pop like caviar in your lover's mouth.

We've paired it with luscious, buttery, creamy Manchester from Zingerman's Creamery. When it's ripe, it oozes just a little. Bring a bottle of wine this Valentine's Day and you're in business, guaranteed.

A half pound round of Manchester and a jar of violet mustard come nestled in our fun, illustrated gift box.

The Purple Russian Cheese Pairing Gift Box

G-PPR cheese pair gift box, provides romantic snacks for 2
Returning February 2020
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