Cheesemakers Choice Passport

A gift boxed collection of our favorite well aged cheeses.

The affineurs and cheesemakers who’ve matured these cheeses have aged them beyond what you’ll normally find stateside. Parmigiano-Reggiano with over two years under its belt. Antique Gruyère that’s been tended for over a year (here in the States, we’re lucky to find Gruyère aged for over six months). These cheeses are often the cheesemakers' favorites — and mine. We'll hand cut wedges from four of our most mature wheels, just for you.

The cheese passport contains three cheeses weighing in at over a pound and a half total. By caterer's rule of thumb — two ounces per person — it will serve up to 7-10. They're hand cut to order, wrapped in our special cheese paper and sent with a bit of information on where they were made and how to enjoy them.

Cheesemakers Choice Passport with Bread

G-CCP 1.5 lbs cheese, plus bread, serves 7-10
ships 2 business days

Cheesemakers Choice Passport with Crackers

G-N-CCP 1.5 lbs cheese, plus crackers, serves 7-10
Ships for flat rate
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