Marshmallow Bunny Tails Gift Box

An Easter special from Zingerman's Candy Manufactory!

Limited time only!

Charlie Frank, the founder and head candy maker at Zingerman's Candy Company, makes handmade marshmallows from great ingredients all year long, but he's cranking out something special for Easter: bunny tails!

He's created two flavors: raspberry and toasted coconut. Each bag of cute fluffy tails contains both flavors and they're dangerously easy to snack on. They're luscious, chewy and full of flavor.

We pack two bags of raspberry and toasted coconut bunny tails into our fun, colorful, illustrated gift box. Grab yours today and make this year's Easter basket one they'll remember forever. 

No bunnies were harmed in making these treats...they're marshmallows!

Marshmallow Bunny Tails Gift Box

G-MBT 2 bags, approximately 30 tails
We're not sure when it's returning
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